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Miri is your personal wellness coach, powered by AI.  Trained by wellness experts, with Miri you can explore personalized wellness coaching on a variety of topics such as stress & anxiety, nutrition & diet, sleep, sex health, beauty and more.

Miri can help guide your wellness journey in three simple steps.

Step 1: Talk to Miri like she’s your best friend.

Everything you say is strictly confidential.  From you conversation, Miri will learn about you wellness history and goals.

Step 2: Miri will generate wellness recommendations for you.

Tapping into the knowledge of her team of real experts, miri will create a personalized guide that will include small, simple changes that can have enormous impact on your overall health.

Step 3: Take action with reminders.

Miri can send you personal texts to check-in, encourage or remind you to keep working on your recommended wellness goals.

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