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Success.ai - AI Marketing tool

Success.ai really stands out as a powerhouse for anyone looking to master the art of lead generation, especially through the realm of cold emailing. It's not just a tool; it's like having a secret weapon in your email marketing arsenal.


The platform's standout feature for lead gen enthusiasts is its ability to manage unlimited email accounts, massively expanding the potential reach of your campaigns. This is a game-changer for reaching a diverse array of leads.


Then there's the automated email warm-up function. This is crucial for cold email campaigns, as it significantly increases the chances of your emails landing right where you want them - in the primary inbox. That's essential for making sure your messages are seen and not lost in the spam folder.


But here's the real gem for lead generation: access to an extensive database with over 700 million B2B contacts. This is like striking gold for targeted outreach. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this feature alone can transform your lead gen efforts.


Personalization is key in cold emailing, and Success.ai nails this with its AI-driven email customization. This technology helps create more engaging, relevant emails, which is critical for higher engagement rates with your leads.


The analytics part is like having a crystal ball for your campaigns. It provides deep insights into engagement and conversion rates, allowing you to refine your strategies for optimal lead generation outcomes.


InboxHub, their inbox management system, is a standout for organizing and interacting with leads. It helps in categorizing, scheduling follow-ups, and, most importantly, closing deals more efficiently.


And the user experience? It's intuitive and accessible, making it a great fit for anyone aiming to boost their lead gen game. The 14-day free trial is the cherry on top, offering a no-risk way to explore its potential for your cold email campaigns.


In summary, Success.ai is more than just a tool; it's an essential partner for anyone serious about lead generation and cold emailing, blending advanced AI, detailed analytics, and a vast database to revolutionize your digital outreach.


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Loyally - AI Marketing tool

? Loyally: Boost customer engagement, acquisition, and retention. Our easy-to-use platform allows businesses to create and manage various types of digital cards, including Stamp, Reward, Membership, Discount, Cashback, Coupon, Multipass, and Certificate cards.

? Business Pain Points Resolved 
Loyally provides businesses with a powerful, user-friendly solution that addresses major pain points:
? Customer Retention: Keep customers engaged and coming back with Loyally’s digital loyalty cards and FREE Unlimited targeted push notifications.
? Customer Acquisition: Expand your customer base without advertising costs through the referral sharing feature.
? Cost Reduction: Save on printing expenses with digital loyalty cards and reduce the need for additional hardware with our free scanner app and CRM.
? Eco-Friendliness: Reduce your business’s environmental footprint by going digital.
? Fraud Prevention: Prevent misuse of promotions with Loyally’s duplicate control feature.
⏱️ Time Efficiency: Choose from over 100+ ready-to-use card templates or create a custom design in just 5 minutes.
? Data-Driven Decision Making: Access data analytics and automation to make informed decisions for your business.
? Customer Segmentation: Use the built-in CRM system to segment customers for targeted messaging and personalized offers.
? Compliance: Stay GDPR and CCPA ready, ensuring your business meets privacy regulations.
?️ Customization: Select from 8 different card types to create the perfect loyalty solution for your unique needs.

? Enhance Customer Engagement with Unlimited Push Notifications
Loyally offers four types of unlimited push notifications to improve customer communication, engagement, and loyalty:
? Manual Push Notifications: Displayed on customers’ phone lock screens and under “last updates” at the back of their cards. Send segmented messages based on factors such as the current number of uses, unused rewards, and the number of stamps.
?  Automatic Push Notifications: Set up recurring push notifications for various events. Options include sending feedback forms, custom messages, specified hours to send after a stamp/bonus has been earned, next visit reminders, and birthday congratulations.
?️ Customized Auto-Push Notifications: Create your own rules for push notifications by selecting events, setting the time after the event, and writing the message to be sent. Auto-push rules can be set for various events, such as card installation, coupon installation, review sent, referral added, card period expired, number of stamps/rewards/bonuses reached, number of rewards used, and status card upgrades.
? Location Push Notifications (Geo-Push): Send push notifications to customers within a 100-meter (330 feet) radius from the business location. Users within this radius can see the geo-push message on their lock screens.

? Key Features
? Digital loyalty cards (Stamp, Reward, Membership, Discount, Cashback, Coupon, Multipass, Certificate)
? Unlimited push notifications (Manual, Automatic, Customized Auto-Push, Location)
? Referral sharing for customer acquisition
? Built-in CRM system for customer segmentation
? Data analytics and automation

? The Loyally Advantage
✂️ Reduces costs by eliminating the need for printed loyalty cards
? Minimizes fraud with duplicate control
? Increases customer engagement with free unlimited push notifications
? Provides access to valuable customer data for informed decision-making
? Ensures compliance with GDPR and CCPA

? Did You Know?
Businesses that use Loyally can increase sales by up to 220%. Embrace the power of Loyally’s digital loyalty solution and watch your business grow as you experience increased customer engagement, retention, and acquisition.

? Start Your Loyally Journey Today
There’s never been a better time to revolutionize your customer loyalty program with Loyally. With a wide range of card types, unlimited push notifications, and features that address the biggest pain points for businesses, Loyally is the ultimate solution for building customer loyalty and boosting sales.

Take advantage of the built-in CRM system for customer segmentation, data analytics, and automation to make informed decisions about your business. Stay compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations while reducing your environmental impact by going digital.

? Perfect for a Wide Range of Businesses:
Loyally is the ideal solution for businesses looking to inspire customer loyalty and increase sales across various industries. If your business thrives on repeat purchases and loyal customers, our platform can help you grow and succeed. 
Whether you:

- Manage a restaurant or catering service
- Run a café, deli, or bakery
- Operate a fitness center, gym, or yoga studio
- Own a beauty salon, spa, or dental clinic
- Sell apparel, accessories, or specialty retail items
- Provide pet services or veterinary care
- Own a consultancy or professional service firm
- Operate a computer, home, or office maintenance business
- Or run any other small to mid-size business

Loyally’s digital loyalty platform is designed to support and grow businesses like yours to reach new heights of success.

Get started with Loyally today and watch your business grow as you experience increased customer engagement, retention, and acquisition.

Ready to transform your business? 
Visit our website or contact our sales team to learn more and start your free trial today!

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Infranodos - AI Marketing tool

Infranodos generate Ideas and insight using AI and network thinking.

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SuperBuzz - AI Marketing tool

Boost retention traffic and profits using GPT-3 technology

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Aiter.io - AI Marketing tool

Aiter is a one-click AI ads generator. Get text ads, ideas for strategy, content, and SEO/PPC keywords for your product simply by inserting your URL. Who it can help: entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters that want to save time and get new ideas for promotion.

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Suportal - AI Marketing tool

Create a chatGPT like chatbot for your website, trained on your website content to answer any visitor question

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CreativAI - AI Marketing tool

Introducing CreativAI, your all-in-one content generation tool! Say goodbye to the hassle of spending hours brainstorming and typing out boring product descriptions, meta descriptions and social media captions.

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MDC - AI Marketing tool

Moredeal AI Wirter is a one-stop solution for generating marketing copy with AI.


Subjectgeni - AI Marketing tool

Use AI tools to create, edit and optimize your email campaigns, SMS or push notifications.

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Informail - AI Marketing tool

Experience the Future of Email Marketing with AI Technology to create engaging content in just a few seconds.

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Never miss a call from a customer. Forward your missed calls, or get a new number, and we'll answer it using AI.

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Ecommerce Prompts - AI Marketing tool

Readymade ChatGPT prompt recipes to help you set up an eCommerce store & marketing campaigns in no time!

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CAMIRA is an AI-powered platform that assists creatives in content creation, from ideation to marketing.

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AIssistify - AI Marketing tool

AI-powered Marketing, Sales and RevOps Assistant that saves up to 90% of the time for everyday tasks.

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Omneky - AI Marketing tool

Omneky is Omnichannel Creative Orchestration.

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Usetwain - AI Marketing tool

Usetwain is the AI communication assistant for outreach.

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Cresta - AI Marketing tool

Cresta is a self-service, live coaching, and post call insights.

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ZBrain - AI Marketing tool

The platform provides a seamless and intuitive interface for building custom ChatGPT experiences, allowing organizations to engage with their customers and users like never before. Whether it's automating customer support, creating virtual assistants, or enhancing data analysis capabilities. With ZBrain, businesses can leverage premier foundation models like OpenAI, FLAN, and StableLM to unlock the power of their enterprise data.

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WebWhiz AI - AI Marketing tool

WebWhiz is an exceptional platform that empowers you to build an AI chatbot that possesses comprehensive knowledge about your product or service and effortlessly addresses your customers' inquiries. With its open-source nature, you have the freedom to customize and tailor the chatbot to perfectly align with your brand's voice and unique requirements. Moreover, the added advantage of free self-hosting ensures complete control over your chatbot's deployment and scalability. With WebWhiz, you can effortlessly enhance customer engagement, streamline support, and provide instant and accurate responses, all while showcasing your product knowledge and delivering exceptional user experiences.

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Brandergate - AI Marketing tool

Brandergate is a Brand Development Platform with unique Artificial Branding Intelligence © (ABI) at its core. Made for entrepreneurs and founders, startups, and agencies, Brandergate helps analyze, create and manage entire Brands intelligently online.

We analyze millions of Brand Visual and Verbal Expressions through their communication by studying millions of sources, such as websites, news, blogs, and social networks, across 50+ industries with tens of thousands of leading brands.


ABI Analyst: Brand Analytics Toolset

Brand analytics is an essential toolset for companies and organizations that want to understand the performance and effectiveness of their branding efforts and make informed decisions about developing and improving their branding platforms and strategies. The product Includes the following tools:

  1. Industry Analysis
  2. Consumer Analysis
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Brand Landscape
  5. Brand Explorer
  6. Brand Lookup


ABI Brander: Brand Platform development toolset

Our Brand Platform toolset is designed to help develop Core Brand Elements such as Values, the beliefs that a brand stands for, a Brand Personality and the traits that a brand wants to project, and Identity, which includes visual elements such as color, typography, and imagery. The product Includes all the Analytics tools plus:

  1. Brand Values Development and Benchmarking
  2. Brand Personality Development and Benchmarking
  3. Brand Identity Development and Benchmarking

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Evogage - AI Marketing tool

Welcome to Evogage, where we're devoted to revolutionizing your online presence by optimizing your website's copy. We make text optimization effortless, allowing you to enhance engagement metrics, such as time on page, bounce rate, and click-through rate, all without lifting a finger.

Here are some of the key features that set us apart:

Effortless AI-Powered Text Optimization

Our cutting-edge AI technology analyzes your website's text and crafts optimized content that captivates your audience and drives outstanding results. Our platform continually evolves based on past engagement, ensuring your website's copy is always enhancing, engaging, and converting.

Intuitive Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Remove the guesswork with our reinforcement learning algorithms, which persistently analyze past engagement data to generate optimized content. By harnessing data-driven insights, your website's copy is refined and improved, leading to superior results without manual intervention.

In-Depth Text Analysis

At Evogage, we're firm believers in data-driven insights. Our comprehensive text analysis services empower you to effortlessly test and fine-tune your website's copy for maximum impact. Our platform delivers detailed performance insights for your website's text options, providing the essential information you need to optimize your copy for success.

AI-Crafted Copywriting

Our AI-generated copywriting service produces captivating, effective copy that resonates with your audience and drives conversions. Leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, our platform creates tailored, optimized copy options aligned with your brand and audience.

At Evogage, we're dedicated to helping you achieve remarkable results through the power of text optimization. Contact us today to discover more about our services and how we can help you transform your website's copy and surpass your goals.

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Generate - AI Marketing tool

Nextatlas is a trend forecasting platform that analyses information from 300k+ early adopters on social media to identify emerging trends. Using AI technology, Nextatlas helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by predicting emerging trends and providing actionable insights.


Generate is our new service that combines Nextatlas’ data with generative-AI technology to automatically generate trend reports and insights across a wide range of industries and markets. Generate promises to significantly reduce the time and resources required for trend report creation thanks to its ability to understand and interpret human natural language. Generate is focused solely on identifying forecasted trends and consumer behaviors and is equipped with Casefinder, an AI-driven matchmaker for business cases, and visualization tools for effective data interpretation.


How exactly can Generate help you and why should you use it?


  1. Save time and resources: Generate’s AI technology revolutionizes trend reporting by swiftly analyzing vast data from Nextatlas’ engine, identifying emerging trends and generating the report within seconds. This automation eliminates manual research, empowering analysts to interpret insights and make informed strategic decisions swiftly.
  2. Targeted data insights: Generate’s LLM and natural language comprehension enable effortless inquiries about trends in specific markets or demographics. From fashion trends among millennials to emerging healthcare technologies or regional consumer preferences, it understands nuanced queries, saving users time by eliminating complex searches and manual data filtering.
  3. Data-rich editorial tasks: Generate crafts various editorial content such as blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and emails. What sets Generate apart from other AI tools that can do this is the real-time Nextatlas data that ensures accurate content. This unique blend of AI-driven writing and real-time data integration makes Generate a valuable tool for businesses seeking high-quality, data-informed content.
  4. Business case studies: The Casefinder feature gives valuable case studies from diverse businesses related to your search, providing insights to enhance decision-making. These examples showcase successful strategies and innovative approaches within specific industries. By examining these studies, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of trend utilization, fostering creativity and informed decision-making.



Does this sound like something you need? We are offering a 3-day free trial of Generate that you can sign up.

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Picstape - AI Marketing tool

Picstape is the hassle-free solution for creating captivating property videos.

?Give us property info: Simply provide us with your property details.

?Receive a video with a voiceover: Sit back and let Picstape work its magic. We'll transform your property information into a visually stunning video with a professional voiceover.

✅Share anywhere you like: Once you have your video, you can easily share it across all your marketing channels, from your website to social media and beyond.

Experience the power of Picstape today and revolutionize your real estate marketing efforts.

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Checkmyidea-ia - AI Marketing tool

Checkmyidea-ia helps entrepreneurs evaluate their side business idea using AI for accurate and personalized feedback  Validate your side business idea before launch with our AI-based service. 


Our thorough analysis includes market research, competitor analysis, technical MVP proposals, monetization, user acquisition strategies, and idea rating. With checkmyidea-AI, reduce the risk of failure and increase your chances of success. 

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Octocom AI - AI Marketing tool

Enhance your customer experience with an AI-driven chatbot. Question answering, product recommendations, and upselling from an AI expertly trained to understand your business and customers.


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Marketing Mega-Prompts - AI Marketing tool

Supercharge your Marketing with ChatGPT. Generate a marketing strategy, improve your landing page, and create better content in seconds.

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NicheBlasta - AI Marketing tool

NicheBlasta is an innovative, AI-powered solution for generating complete faceless YouTube channels at the click of a button. It utilizes ChatGPT to deliver high-quality, optimized videos in a variety of niches and uploads the videos to YouTube with titles, descriptions, keywords, time-stamps and more. It will also re-optimise your existing YouTube videos in seconds!

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Piggy: Quiz Maker - AI Marketing tool

Introducing the AI quiz maker - an amazing tool that creates visually appealing quizzes consisting of 7-10 questions optimized for mobile devices with just a prompt. With Piggy Quiz Maker, tedious quiz-making is a thing of the past, and effortless content creation is the new norm. This versatile tool enables users to generate quizzes on any topic, making it ideal for honing skills or challenging friends to test their knowledge.

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Ad Agency - AI Marketing tool

Ad Agency is a free, AI-powered platform where you can build and manage creative advertising campaigns.

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ADXL - AI Marketing tool

ADXL is an AI-driven marketing automation tool, adept at streamlining your paid ad campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads , and retail channels including Google Shopping Ads, Amazon Ads, and Facebook & Instagram product shop ads..


  1. Campaign Management: ADXL expertly crafts, manages, and optimizes high-performing campaigns based on your product or service, target audience, and budget.
  2. Automation: ADXL automates retargeting, conversion tracking, and event tracking, significantly reducing your workload.
  3. Customer Matching: Upload your customer list to ADXL for immediate syncing and targeted ads across multiple platforms like Facebook and Google.
  4. Instant Lead Ads: ADXL is a unique tool that centralizes instant lead generation campaigns across Meta, Google & LinkedIn.
  5. Unified Retargeting: ADXL adeptly retargets both website visitors and those who engage with your social content, ensuring the right ad is delivered at the right time on the appropriate channel.
  6. Tracking Without Coding: Hassle-free event tracking and remarketing with ADXL, automatically adding tags and pixels, eliminating the need for developers.
  7. AI-Generated Ad Copy: Craft engaging ad copies for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn in just a few clicks.
  8. Effortless Customer Targeting: ADXL compiles detailed audience groups based on interests, behavior, work, and social demographics for easy customer targeting.
  9. OptimixeXL: AI-powered tools optimise your ads across multiple platforms in less time and with less effort.
  10. Flexible Advertising: Use your own ad accounts or leverage ADXL's ad delivery.


  1. Efficiency: With ADXL, expect an 80% reduction in workload, saving you time and effort.
  2. Cost-Effective: Thanks to ADXL's smart optimization, you could see a 30% cut in ad spend.
  3. Increased Reach & Conversion: Targeted ads and AI-generated ad copy ensure you reach the right audience and achieve effective conversion.
  4. Flexibility: The hybrid advertising option offers you the flexibility to run your campaigns in a way that suits your needs.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of ADXL with a free trial, then opt for a pay-as-you-go plan at just $49 monthly. ADXL is your comprehensive solution to streamlined, effective marketing.


uBrand - AI Marketing tool

uBrand is an AI-assisted branding platform that helps entrepreneurs create and launch new brands. Start with your existing logo or generate a new one with our AI-powered logo maker. Setup your brand guideline from visual identity to branding strategy. Design and publish branded social media content effortlessly with the power of AI and manage all brand assets with your own brand library. Unleash the power of your brand Today!

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AI Parabellum - AI Marketing tool

At AIParabellum.Com, we serve as the gateway to a realm of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools and innovations. Our mission, straightforward yet impactful, is to connect AI creators with a global audience enthusiastic about exploring, utilizing, and celebrating the latest AI advancements.

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Maya - AI Marketing tool

With Maya everyone wins with AI-driven personalization.

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Luna - AI Marketing tool


Luna has great features for personalized cold emails to generate leads faster.

  • Get new high-quality leads every day
  • Send your leads the personal cold emails they deserve
  • Send your leads the personal cold emails they deserve
  • Native integrations with Hubspot and Pipedrive
  • Connect Luna with over 5,000 apps using Zapier
  • Mobile App


Luna pricing starts from $39 per month.

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EmailWritr lets you create high-converting email sequences across different industries and niches just by answering a few questions.

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AdCreativeAI - AI Marketing tool

Adcreative.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that simplifies the process of creating high-quality ads for businesses of all sizes.


Generate Creatives: 

Adcreative.ai allows you to generate creatives in minutes using its AI-powered technology. The platform analyzes your target audience and creates ads that are visually appealing and optimized for engagement. With Adcreative.ai, you can create ads for multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and more.

Generate Texts & Headlines:

Adcreative.ai generates text and headlines that are engaging and tailored to your target audience. It uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze millions of data points and identify patterns in language use, tone, and sentence structure. This allows it to create text and headlines that resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

See Creative Insights: 

Adcreative.ai also provides insights into how your ads are performing. The platform provides detailed metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement rates, that allow you to optimize your ads for better performance. 

With Adcreative.ai, you can create ads that not only look great but also drive real results for your business.

Generate Social Creatives: 

Adcreative.ai allows you to create engaging social media ads that are optimized for each platform. 

The AI software provides templates for Instagram Stories, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and more, making it easy to create high-quality ads for any social media platform.


Adcreative.ai offers a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. The platform's pricing plans start at just $29 per month, making it an affordable option for small businesses with limited resources. The pricing plans offer a range of features, including unlimited ad creation, access to all templates, and priority support.


Adcreative.ai is a game-changer for businesses looking to create high-quality ads quickly and easily. This software's AI-powered technology allows you to create engaging ads in minutes, and its insights feature helps you optimize your ads for better performance.

 Adcreative.ai's affordable pricing plans make it accessible to businesses of all sizes, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even if you have no prior experience in ad creation. 

If you're looking to create visually appealing ads that drive engagement and results, Adcreative.ai is the platform for you.

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WarmBox - AI Marketing tool


Warmbox ensures your email lands in the inbox! Here are it's top features:

  • Auto-Remove from Spam - WarmBox automatically removes your emails from the spam folder, ensuring that they are sent to the right people. With this feature, you can be sure that your emails will be delivered on time and that they won’t get lost in the spam folder.
  • Auto-Reply to emails - WarmBox also allows you to automatically reply to emails, so that you don’t have to manually respond to every single email. This is a great way to ensure that your emails get responded to in a timely manner and that you don’t miss any important emails.
  • Automated interactions - WarmBox also has automated interactions, which allow you to interact with people without having to manually do so. With this feature, you can easily engage with customers, prospects, and other contacts without having to manually respond to every single one.
  • Mark as favorite emails - WarmBox also allows you to mark emails as favorites, so that you can easily find them later. This is a great way to stay organized and make sure that you don’t miss any important emails.
  • Spam score monitoring - WarmBox also has a spam score monitoring feature, which allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your emails. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Humans realistic emails (GPT-3) - WarmBox also has a GPT-3 feature, which allows you to send emails that are more realistic and human-like. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Growth, Flat or Random warm-up - WarmBox also has a Warm-up feature, which allows you to choose between growth, flat, or random warm-up. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Fully custom warm-up - WarmBox also has a fully custom warm-up feature, which allows you to customize the warm-up process to your specific needs. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Warm-up Schedule - WarmBox also has a warm-up schedule feature, which allows you to set up a warm-up schedule that fits your needs. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Live Email Checker (DNS, Blacklist) - WarmBox also has a live email checker, which allows you to check the status of your emails in real-time. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Private inboxes network - WarmBox also has a private inboxes network, which allows you to send emails to multiple people at once. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.
  • Reporting & Dashboard - WarmBox also has a reporting and dashboard feature, which allows you to track the success of your emails. This is a great way to make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the right people and that they are being read.


WarmBox has a variety of pricing plans, depending on your needs. The Solo plan is $15/month and includes 1 inbox warm-up, 50 emails/day, and 1 team member. The Startup plan is $69/month and includes 3 inbox warm-ups, 250 emails/day, and 3 team members. The Growth plan is $139/month and includes 6 inbox warm-ups, 500 emails/day, and 6 team members.

WarmBox is the perfect email warm-up solution for any business looking to improve their email deliverability. With features like auto-removal from spam, automated interactions, and live email checker, WarmBox is the perfect solution for any business looking to ensure their emails get delivered to the right people. With a variety of pricing plans available, WarmBox is the perfect solution for any business looking to improve their email deliverability.

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ReturnGO - AI Marketing tool

ReturnGO’s exchange-first returns platform simultaneously reduces refunds and waste

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Spott AI - AI Marketing tool

Increase Engagement With Interactivity

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Veg3 - AI Marketing tool

Join the beta test for the world's first vegan artificial intelligence marketing assistant

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Crawlq AI - AI Marketing tool

CrawlQ delivers high-emotional, high-empathy, high-ROI, audience-centric creative work with global reach

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Mentioned - AI Marketing tool

Mentioned scans your content to identify people and companies you've mentioned, then, send email campaigns to let them know

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Letterdrop - AI Marketing tool

Letterdrop creates and distribute 32% more content, faster, and without headaches. Best practices and tooling to go from idea to lead-generating content.

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Reply - AI Marketing tool

Reply is an AI-powered tool that helps you create tailored emails and sequences in seconds to create new opportunities at scale.

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Whelp - AI Marketing tool

Whelp is an AI-powered omnichannel customer service automation tool that serves a wide range of features to cover all sides of customer service processes for SMEs.

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Level - AI Marketing tool

Level AI is the next-level contact center intelligence platform.

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VocAL - AI Marketing tool

VocAL harnesses the power of AI and GPT-3 to automate the voice of customer analysis and product research.

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Aide - AI Marketing tool

Aide helps identify common issues and use AI suggested solutions for fast responses and happy users.

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Ocoya - AI Marketing tool


Ocoya is packed with powerful features to super-charge your social media management.

  • Create images and gifs- Ocoya allows you to easily create custom images and gifs for your social media posts. With a variety of templates and design tools, you can create unique content that stands out from the competition.
  • Generate short-form videos- Video content is essential in today's social media landscape. With Ocoya, you can create short-form videos that showcase your brand or product. The platform provides a variety of video templates and editing tools to make the process simple and efficient.
  • Add free music to your videos- Music can set the tone for your social media videos. Ocoya provides a library of free music tracks to add to your videos, making it easy to create engaging content that resonates with your audience.
  • Generate eye-popping graphics and captions - Ocoya provides a variety of design templates and tools to create eye-popping graphics for your social media posts. The platform also has a caption generator tool that helps you create captions that are engaging and relevant to your content.
  • Generate the most relevant hashtags - Hashtags are essential for increasing the reach of your social media posts. Ocoya provides a tool that generates the most relevant hashtags for your content, ensuring that your posts are seen by a wider audience
  • Post scheduling - Ocoya allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance, saving you time and ensuring that your content is consistently posted on your desired schedule.
  • Background remover - With Ocoya's background remover tool, you can easily remove the background from your images and create professional-looking graphics for your social media posts.
  • Link shortener - Ocoya provides a link shortener tool that allows you to create shorter, more concise links for your social media posts. This makes it easier for your audience to click through to your website or landing page.


There's a free forever plan. But to get the most of Ocoya, you should go for the premium plans starting from $15 per month.

With its variety of features and affordable pricing, Ocoya is the perfect platform for businesses and brands looking to improve their social media presence. From creating eye-catching graphics to scheduling posts in advance, Ocoya makes social media marketing simple and efficient. Sign up for Ocoya today and take your social media game to the next level.

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Cohere - AI Marketing tool

Cohere helps CX teams resolve tickets faster while reducing costs, resulting in happier agents and satisfied customers.

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Harvey - AI Marketing tool

Harvey is the AI sidekick that makes teams more productive.

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Typewise - AI Marketing tool

Typewise is an AI writing solution for customer service and sales teams.

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Forethought - AI Marketing tool

Forethought is the generative AI automation platform that lowers support costs while providing top-tier service in every customer interaction.

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Quickchat - AI Marketing tool

Quickchat automates processes such as sales, customer support, onboarding or online booking.

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Vee - AI Marketing tool

Vee is an intelligent consultant people enjoys talking to.

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Kaizan - AI Marketing tool

Kaizan automates your tasks using conversation intelligence and highlights what will increase client success and revenue.

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Delve - AI Marketing tool

Delves creates personas automatically for your business and for your competitor businesses.

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Xokind - AI Marketing tool

Xokind is a powerful AI agents for customer support, travel, and sales.

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Kore Al - AI Marketing tool

Kore Al is the driving AI-optimized customer and employee experiences.

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Octane Al - AI Marketing tool

Octane AI’s all-in-one product quiz and zero-party data platform is the #1 way for Shopify brands to increase revenue through personalization.

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MarbleFlow - AI Marketing tool

MarbleFlow is an AI-generated forms to convert more leads.It select values to generate a lead gen form for your specific startup.

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Sybill - AI Marketing tool

Sybill generates accurate, human-like sales call summaries based on the conversation and the buyer's emotional reactions.

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Sales Stack - AI Marketing tool

SalesStack enables you to train your own A.I. to communicate with your clients across all channels.

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