4 Best AI Prompt Generator Tools

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Best AI Prompt Generator Tools
CustomGPT - AI Prompt Generator tool

CustomGPT is a platform that allows businesses to create their own ChatGPT chatbot, customized with their specific content. It aims to enhance customer engagement, improve employee efficiency, and provide tailored customer interactions.

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Knit - AI Prompt Generator tool

Knit: https://promptknit.com is a prompt developing tool for teams to collaborate on different kinds of prompts.

If you have pains working with prompts and are still using notes/sheets/notions to organize your prompts and copy-pasting prompts in different IMs, Knit is for you.

Some highlights:

- Basic ability to edit/run/share prompts.
- You can create different projects to organize your prompts.
- Each project has its own members and settings.
- Members can have different levels of access:
 - Edit & run prompt
 - View & run prompt
 - Run prompt
- Full version control for each prompt, rollback any changes of any member at anytime. Never loose your prompt.

Knit will also support different models, including OpenAI gpts, Claude, Midjourney and etc.

Let me know you have any thoughts, really want to have more feedbacks from the prompt nerds. ?

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ChatOverlay - AI Prompt Generator tool

Release the full power of ChatGPT prompts with ChatOverlay - boost your AI conversational experience with over 1000 prompts.

Unleash the full power of conversational AI with the ChatOverlay  - your one-stop chrome extension to boost your AI conversational experiences. This tool serves as a comprehensive database of prompts specifically designed for ChatGPT, with options to customize tone, language, and many more parameters to tailor the AI responses as per your needs.

Not just that, our extension goes beyond English, supporting multiple languages, thereby transcending linguistic barriers in AI interactions. Whether you want the AI to sound professional for a business query, casual for a friendly conversation, or creative for a brainstorming session, you're just a click away.

Key Features:

  • Expansive Prompts Library: Access an extensive database of handcrafted and AI-optimized prompts, categorized across various themes, industries, and conversational scenarios.
  • Customized Tone Selection: Choose from a range of tones such as professional, casual, humorous, empathetic, and many more to set the mood of the conversation.
  • Multilingual Support: Interact with ChatGPT in multiple languages. Perfect for non-native English speakers or when you want to converse in a different language.
  • Frequent Updates: The prompts library is continuously updated with fresh inputs, ensuring that you always have new and relevant prompts to use.
  • User-friendly Interface: Easy navigation and prompt selection features make the user experience smooth and hassle-free.

Whether you're a writer seeking inspiration, a student studying AI, a business professional in need of quick responses, or just an AI enthusiast, the ChatOverlay extension brings the world of conversational AI to your fingertips, enhancing your productivity and creativity manifold.

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allPrompts - AI Prompt Generator tool

This AI tool is designed to facilitate the initiation and growth of a one-person business by providing tailored prompts, efficient tools, and rich resources. Its interactive interface makes navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship straightforward and effective.

  • Features a wide range of strategic prompts to stimulate innovative business ideas.
  • Offers various tools to simplify complex tasks, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Contains an extensive library of resources to deepen business acumen.

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