16 Best AI Human Resource Tools

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iApply - AI Human Resource tool

iApply, has the world's most unique and advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithm that finds, matches and applies to real-time posted worldwide jobs on behalf of the job seekers based on their profile and job preferences. The users can select upto 3 job titles, 3 job industries and 3 countries with the preferred cities in which the job seeker desire to work. The job seeker can also exclude the companies in which they do not want the Ai to apply jobs. Once the jobs are applied, our Ai sends notification to the job seeker and also they can see full applied job details on their user dashboard.

As a job seeker you do not have to spend hours and hours in searching & applying jobs on numerous job boards, as iApply's Ai will do all of this for you as it creates user profile and applies a job on behalf of the job seeker. So, weather you are unemployed job seeker? A fresh graduate? An employed individual looking for a career shift, or a better opportunity than the one at hand to push your career forward? Do you strive to be a leader, creative, innovator, and high-achiever in your field? If yes, iApply.ai is just for you.

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SwagAl - AI Human Resource tool

SwagAI is an AI tool that helps you come up with ridiculous company swag.

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Rezi - AI Human Resource tool

Rezi is a new generation resume builder that completely eliminates the need to write your own resume.

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Wave Al - AI Human Resource tool

Wave Grow is a coaching website that provides infinite coaching and growth opportunities to professionals, executives, and managers.

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Interflexion - AI Human Resource tool

Interflexion is an AI-powered role-play that helps professionals become better versions of themselves.

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IQuit - AI Human Resource tool

IQuit helps you generate resignation letters.

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Moveworks - AI Human Resource tool

Moveworks is the first employee experience platform that uses AI to solve issues and prevent problems at work.

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Create safe, bias-free, microaggressions-free, inclusive messages with Dost’s AI-powered Slack and MSTeams app.

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Autumn - AI Human Resource tool

Autumn analyzes existing data sources in your workplace like calendars, chat messages, and email to give you insights on how your team is feeling, and what to do about it, without sacrificing privacy.

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Jobtitles Al - AI Human Resource tool

Jobtitles is a machine-learning API that sorts job titles into two categories so you can patronize the one you're interested in.

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Hire YaY helps create engaging job ads and distribute to millions of job seekers in one click.

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AI Assisted Jobs - AI Human Resource tool

AIAssistedJobs.com is a job board that lists the latest jobs requiring skills in large language models, prompt engineering and technologies such as Chat-GPT and GPT-4.

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Pika - AI Human Resource tool

Pika is a no-code AI chatbot builder that enables users to quickly create an AI chatbot for their website. Pika can learn from any URL or document and answer any questions from users.

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Interview Question Generator - AI Human Resource tool

Our interview question generator allows you to create well-crafted interview questions that allow you to assess the capabilities of a candidate as per the responsibilities and requirements of the position.

With our tool, you can customize interview questions to match your job role and interview type, and help you filter the right candidates who fit your organization.

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HRMate - AI Human Resource tool

HRMate is designed for individuals who have invested considerable time interviewing candidates for a specific position and have combed through numerous CVs and resumes, yet still struggle to identify the ideal candidate. With our AI Interview feature, you can significantly reduce the time spent conducting interviews while ensuring that you don't overlook any promising candidates. 

By utilizing HRMate, you gain the ability to share a convenient interview link with all job applicants, streamlining the process for both parties. Following the interviews, HRMate compiles a comprehensive summary of each session, enabling you to quickly evaluate and identify the most promising candidate at a glance. As a result, you can focus your valuable time and attention on interviewing candidates who genuinely stand out, eliminating wasted efforts and increasing your chances of finding the perfect fit for the position.

HRMate is free for unlimited interviews with options to purchase Pro features.

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Jobdai - AI Human Resource tool

Jobdai curates the best artificial intelligence, machine learning and data jobs at leading companies and fastest-growing startups.

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